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China YonJou Pumps-Oil Pumps
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ZheJiang YonJou Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Đại diện doanh nghiệp: James
  • Địa chỉ e-mail: yonjoujames@yahoo.com.vn
  • Địa chỉ: No.780.Oubei Road YongJia,ZheJiang,China - Wenzhou - Zhejiang - China (Mainland)
  • Số điện thoại: +86057767981766
  • Số Fax: +86057767316766
Gửi cho bạn bè | Báo tin xấu
YONJOU Pumps manufacture industrial pumps since 1989.


YONJOU Pumps manufacture industrial pumps since 1989 annual turnover around 20 million U.S dollar.Our main products is gear oil pump(KCB),hot oil pump(LQRY) and screw pump(LQ3G).
Our pumps enjoy high reputation around Vietnam,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Kuwait,Russia,Brazil.
In the past 25 years we took so many abroad exhibition around Mideast area,Southeast Area,South America Area etc.
2013.6.11~14 we attend Brazil Offshore International Conference and fair for oil&gas made great success.
2013.11.13~15 we'll attend The 9th International Oil&Gas Exploration Production and Refining Exhibiton in Jakarta,Indonesia.Booth No:8802.
Welcome to visit our company,we are sure we can make an impression for you. 

1.Gear pump sereis:

Suitable for Oil depot,Dock,Vessel,Factory,Farm,Mine etc.

The maximumu medium temperature should under 300 centigrade . 

2. Hot oil pump series:

Best hot oil circulation pump,oil temperature should under 370 centigrade.

Mainly used in petroleum,chemical industry,rubber,pharmacy,textile industry,food industry.

3. Screw pump series:

Thermal insulation bitumen pump suitable for high viscosity medium like asphalt,fuel oil,heavy duty gear oil etc.

The maximum medium temperature is 350 centigrade.


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gear pump,hot oil pump,heavy fuel oil pump application

China YonJou Pumps-Oil Pumps
YONJOU Pumps manufacture industrial pumps since 1989.


KCB gear pump real manufacture
China YonJou Pumps Manufacture KCB gear oil pump since 1989.

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